Dust Off Your Delayed Dreams™

I help empty-nester moms dust off their delayed dreams through a biblical perspective so they can live out their divine purpose with unique flair.

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BREAK FREE from limiting beliefs and purpose-busting habits that keep you in a rut.


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Experience the joy and adventure of pursuing your purpose. Eliminate the angst and confusion surrounding your purpose journey and embrace God’s divine direction.


Join group prayer sessions that petition God for deliverance from the past and direction for the future.


Get a bigger vision for your life to move you forward and embrace your God-given purpose. 


Get insights and inspiration from incredible guests to help you advance to your next level.

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About Me

I'm Rooting for You!

My core belief: It’s never too late to live in your purpose.

The combination of my faith, God-given gifts and my successful career have positioned me to establish services, resources and products designed to help you discover your purpose, renew your hope and help you to boldly live your life.

There is so much more in store for you. Don’t give up!

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A Free Gift

The Purposeful Dream Catalyst

A 7-day transformative video devotional

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Break free  from limiting beliefs and the purpose-busting habits that keep you in a rut.