Nicole Pride sitting in a chair in a black dress

About Me

Nicole Pride

Founder and CEO

“Blossoms are the flowers that appear on a tree before the fruit. Blossoms represent potential, growth and hope. Just like a tree blossom, I see the same potential in empty-nester moms who want to move forward in their life.”
Nicole Pride


What People Are Saying

Simple Bio

Nicole is a visionary and mentor who is on a mission to empower empty-nester moms from a biblical perspective to live out their divine purpose with a captivating flair that sets them on an extraordinary journey.

Her exceptional blend of professional prowess and mountain-moving faith propels women to new heights. With a track record of shaping the identities of national consumer brands and esteemed institutions, Nicole leverages her vast experience to lead women toward tangible steps, helping them manifest the desires of their hearts.

But there’s more to her story. Nicole’s unwavering commitment to her faith has led her to lead transformative Christian retreats, where she has touched the lives of hundreds of women, empowering them to harness the strength of their faith to take bold strides forward.

Core Beliefs

What I Believe For You

I am driven by the following principles:

It is Never Too Late

Life is not over after age 45. It's never too late to be who God created you to be. Keep at it.

You Have Divine Purpose

God is the master architect of life. When we surrender to God's plan, we are in our greatest state of fulfillment.

Your Gifts Are For Others

Everyone is uniquely gifted. Using our gifts honor God and helps others live their best life.