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About the Speaker

Nicole Pride
Headshot of Nicole Pride in black dress.

Nicole is a visionary and mentor who is on a mission to empower empty-nester moms from a biblical perspective to live out their divine purpose with a captivating flair that sets them on an extraordinary journey.

Her exceptional blend of professional prowess and mountain-moving faith propels women to new heights. With a track record of shaping the identities of national brands and esteemed institutions, Nicole leverages her vast experience to lead women toward tangible steps, helping them manifest the desires of their hearts.

But there’s more to her story. Nicole’s unwavering commitment to her faith has led her to lead transformative Christian retreats, where she has touched the lives of hundreds of women, empowering them to harness the strength of their faith to take bold strides forward.


See what others are saying:

Vibrant, stylish, and fit mature woman in orange dress.

Debe Davis

"Nicole specializes in making the impossible possible. She offers clarity, creativity and exceptional organizational skills to any project. Nicole has a natural ability to see the steps that need to be taken and offers a structured path to accomplish them - no matter how complex the problem."

A glamour picture of a mature woman

Shan Byrd

"Before I met Nicole, I did not know how to articulate my core vision with clarity. She taught me targeted strategies for cultivating a brand for myself when engaging in public messaging. As a result, I have become more polished, exuding confidence and professionalism while interviewing or engaging in public media opportunities."

Back of woman looking into the forest

Elizabeth D.

Nicole’s greatest strengths are her organizational, listening, and presentation skills. She also spends considerable time and effort developing and nurturing herself through readings, workshops, conferences, and networking. Anyone should want her to be their coach.

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The Purposeful Dream Catalyst

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Break free  from limiting beliefs and the purpose-busting habits that keep you in a rut.